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Are you looking for a tropical flavour, or do you prefer fruit straight from the orchard? We carefully select the varieties of fruit we use and match them to their intended use, so we only create products of the highest quality. We have over 50 different types of fruit to create the perfect taste sensation or combination for your application.

  • Red Fruits
  • Citrus Fruits
  • Tropical Fruits
  • Orchard Fruits
  • Forest Fruits
  • Acai
  • Cactusfig
  • Lavender
  • Lychee
  • Mint
  • Rhubarb
  • Raisin
  • Elderflower
  • ...

Our uses tailored to your needs.

Do you want to taste-test what our collaboration could be like? We feel right at home in a number of markets, which shows in the tailored options we can offer for your products.

Applications for


Colac fruit preparations with pieces of fruit make your ice cream creations more attractive, adding extra taste and texture.

The fruit preparations’ relative sweetness and freezing point is adjusted so they and the ice cream are homogenous. This results in a balanced end product for consumers.

Core Filling

We make highly viscous centre filings with chunks of fruit in half-litre pots which we call ‘pints’.

Our fruit preparations’ viscosity and freezing points are adapted to make sure the ice cream stays ‘dry’ during filling. A balanced combination of natural sugars underpins the flavour sensation.


Our glazes for ice cream cakes and other ice cream creations will make your products even more appealing.

They improve both texture and taste while also making your products last and stay ‘fresh’ for longer. We make matte, glossy, or transparent mirrors tailored entirely to your product.


For high-quality fruit preparations you want to layer with your yoghurt, look no further than Colac.

We make smooth fruit preparations with no bits, using small chunks of fruit or whole fruits. Our preparations will not migrate into your yoghurt. We adjust the sweetness and pH to your yoghurt.


A delicious, smooth distribution of fruit and colour in your buttermilk, yoghurt, or other dairy products offer an unmistakable taste sensation and beautiful end product.

Whether you’re looking for a combination of fruit and textures and whether you want a smooth fruit preparation, chunks of fruit, or even whole fruits in your yoghurt, we’ll create the perfect fruit preparation for your dairy products.


Colac creates fruit fillings for small pastries, cakes, tarts, and more. Specialist production techniques ensure our fillings contain nearly perfectly whole fruits.

Our fillings will make your products look even more attractive, and taste delicious too. Fruit percentages, sweetness, and baking and freezing suitability can be tailored entirely to your needs.


Compounds for bakery and confectionery can be used to add taste to pastry cream, mouses, and even as a concentrated filling for pralines.

Available with or without pieces of fruit and runny or firm - all depending on your product and use.


Colac makes top-quality glazes to give the finishing touch to your tarts, fruit tarts, doughnuts, and other pastries.

Our glazes will make your creations shine, and help them last longer too We can make the glaze freezer-safe, transparent, or matte, any way you want it. It all depends on your wishes and needs.


Ready to eat fruit preparation to serve with hot meals? With or without preservatives? Freezer-safe, so consumers can keep them in the freezer to heat up later?

Ask us a question to challenge us - we’ll find the solution.


Not only do our fruit fillings make the perfect partner for pastries; they can be used for a whole range of other things, such as filled croquettes to name just one example.

We develop our fillings based around your product.


Looking for an exotic flavour for a covering jelly?

Our compounds are suitable for a range of products and uses. The fruit content, acidity level, and so on can each be tailored to your needs.

Why choose Colac customised work?

Bringing outstanding quality products to the market and offering them at an honest price is what we’re all about. That way, everyone wins!

  • Tailor made

    Tailor made

  • High added value

    High added value

  • Speed-to-market


  • Specialised products and uses

    Specialised products and uses

  • Consumer-specific formulation

    Consumer-specific formulation

  • Flexible production technologies

    Flexible production technologies

Imagine the delicious opportunities.

Serve something you believe in, with high-quality, eye-catching products from Colac.

Ask us questions - Challenge us!

Are you looking for an innovative partner to turn your creations from an idea into reality? Need a supplier who will proactively contribute ideas? Want to save money with shorter delivery periods and custom quantities supplied?

We have years of experience and expertise - we’re the perfect partner for you. Our efficient organisation and structure mean we’re able to offer solutions quickly. From developing products to reformulating them, from optimising production processes to reducing production waste.

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