news10 august 2021

A media story about our ice cream company!

Where it all began: from ice cream paste to ...

Jeanne: ‘It all started in 1981, with our Colac ice cream paste. This paste contains about 22% milk fats and artisanal ice cream makers use it as a basis. Gradually, we expanded the range to include compounds that flavour ice cream ’


Colac is still the only company in the world that makes ice cream mixes in paste form. But this is not the only product we make today. We produce an entire range of basic ingredients that enables us to come up with an infinite number of ice cream recipes.


Jeanne: ‘We have fruit preparations containing whole pieces of fruit to decorate desserts or sundaes. These are our sundaes. But we also make toppings and sauces. Finally, we also have a range of drinks, which can be mixed with your ice cream or used to marble it.’


A fully-fledged partner to help you from A to Z

We can help a new or established ice cream parlour with the entire process from A to Z. Our services go beyond just providing recipes and helping to develop different flavours. We also look at the economic and practical aspects, with the aim of making your ice cream parlour a successful, economically flourishing business.


Thomas: ‘Guiding ice cream parlours is different every time and a challenge every time' . This is because every ice cream parlour has its own taste. And this is due to three things: each ice cream parlour has its own individual recipe, a specific ice cream concept and a specific target group. Colac wants to be a fully-fledged partner for every ice cream parlour, from small to large. Thanks to our range of high-quality Belgian raw materials and 40 years of experience in devising ice cream recipes, we are the partner of choice for every ice cream parlour.’

Guiding ice cream parlours is different every time and a challenge every time.

Thomas Vermeersch

Read enough? Let’s write your story.

Your process begins at Colac. With our dessert sauces, fruit preparations and warm flavour preparations, you can give your products that extra touch. We’d love to make our expertise available for you so we can look at how we can best meet your needs.

Whether you want to improve a product, adapt a recipe, or even create brand-new products, get in touch with us. We would love to create a solution tailored to your needs.

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