Colac, a reliable partner for your company.

Do you want to perfect an existing recipe or create a brand-new one? Are you looking for inspiration for new dishes? Issues with packaging? Or maybe you just need a reliable supplier. We’re at your service!


No challenge too big for Colac.

Colac takes great care to develop customer-focused solutions. And because our client base is actively involved in the ice cream making, dairy, bakery, hospitality, and catering sectors, to name but a few, we get a huge variety of assignments, from creating ice cream recipes with unique tastes and textures, to developing a new dessert for restaurants or caterers.

Of course, we tackle challenges head on and keep going until we meet your expectations - or, better yet, exceed them! We could also say that we’re outstanding in our sector, but we prefer to let our customers do the talking on this.

Working with Colac you’ll find the solution.

Here you can discover our case studies to have a unique look behind the scenes of our clients.

What happens at Colac.

Are you curious about what’s going on behind the scenes? There’s always something happening at Colac. In our news bulletin you can stay up-to-date with our latest developments.

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